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Elevator Pitch

My name is Don Presant and I’m an edtech professional who’s passionate about the open recognition of learning, skills and achievements through technologies such as ePortfolios and Open Badges.

Littoraly Don is a professionally oriented but personally focused blog where I explore and connect these ideas with other needs and issues that are out there.

In a larger context, I’m interested in how to encourage the better use of technology for self-directed and self-empowered lifelong learning and career development and personally controlled digital identity and agency. Multiple literacies are obviously part of this, but among the questions:

  • Who evaluates these literacies and how are they made accessible?
  • How can they be kept current?

Other Channels

Here are some of my usual alternatives:

Twitter | LinkedIn | Slideshare

Why Open Badges?

CanCred logo_RGB_640

I discovered them in 2011 and I increasingly feel that Open Badges can democratize and scale the recognition of learning, skills and achievement.  CanCred.ca is an Open Badge cloud service hosted in Canada by my company. We call ourselves “Canada’s Open Badges Solution.”

Why “Littoraly”?

A littoral zone is the margin between water and land, an area of dynamic change in life and landforms, where the contents of one medium spill over into the other with creative impact…think tidal zones, lakeshores, riverbanks and estuaries. As somebody who connects knowledge silos, learning communities and skills ecosystems, I like this slooshy, growthy metaphor.

The fact that my home town of Winnipeg is often a spring flood zone may be another factor. But it also puts me in mind of my daughter, who likes saying: “Literally, Daddy…”

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